The NAP map

a graphical overview of all active National Access Points in Europe


   Following various EU Delegated Regulations, EU Member States are obliged to set up National Access Points (NAPs) to facilitate access, easy exchange and reuse of transport related data, in order to help support the provision of EU-wide interoperable travel and traffic services to end users. The assessment of compliance with the Delegated Regulations is carried out by so-called National Bodies (NBs) nominated by each Member State.

Interactive map:

   The interactive map shows countries that have or don’t have a NAP in operation. Countries that have all topic related NAP in operation are green, countries that have at least one NAP are yellow and countries that don't have any NAP are red. By clicking on a country a table will popup showing the available links to NAP(s). Above the map you have a menu where you can select all types of NAPs or only one type of NAP.

Tabular overview:
The links of all running NAPs and NBs are listed in tabular format as well. Use these links NAPs and NBs or use the buttons in the top menu.

More information:
If you want to read more about National Access Points in Europe (annual reports, metadata, level of service, DATEX, etc.) please check the NAP page of the EU EIP project link.

Information is used from the EU EIP - NAP surveys of 2020.

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